Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club

The Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club supports the preservation and use of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles and motor bikes.

The Club is in a rural setting and includes large clubrooms, a fully equipped workshop, plus  exhibition and education pavilions where over 60 historic cars and a large collection of tools are displayed.
The Club welcomes visits from, and can cater for, all types of motoring clubs and tour coach groups.
Every year there is a full calendar of events including open road touring, club runs and non-competitive rallies. This club provides a different form of relaxation; street parades, displays, fund-raising for local charities plus community support activitDriving a piece of motoring history is a unique experience. Choices range from veteran, vintage, classic and historic vehicles dating from 1900 to within thirty years from the present date.

From modern Classics, motor bikes, to old wooden spokers SCHVC caters for all historic motoring interests


Monday Lunch Run Oct 18

After the long Lockdown, 40 members of the Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club and their Classics head off to two local eateries.


SCHVC members driving a historic vehicle with HVS or CVS registration must comply with the following;

  • Be an active member of the Club.
  • Be a current financial member of the Club. Note: Membership lapses on December 31st each year.
  • Carry your current membership card, or membership payment receipt when driving your historic vehicle.
  • If issued with a Log Book (optional for HVS and mandatory for CVS), fill in the log book details before departing on your journey.
  • For Club promulgated events, it is not mandatory to fill in the log book, but you must carry proof of participating in a Club event. Proof may be The Spoke or email newsletter (hard copy or iPhone).
  • Your vehicle must be insured with current comprehensive insurance.
  • Carry the Certificate of Approved Operations for the vehicle issued by SNSW.

If you participate in a Club event in violation of any of the above requirements, you are deemed to be driving an unregistered vehicle and may be fined according to the applicable law. Further, if you drive to the SCHVC clubrooms for any purpose, you must comply with the above.