Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club

The Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club supports the preservation and use of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.

The Club is in a rural setting and includes large clubrooms, a fully equipped workshop, plus  exhibition and education pavilions where over 60 historic cars and a large collection of tools are displayed.
The Club welcomes visits from, and can cater for, all types of motoring clubs and tour coach groups.
Every year there is a full calendar of events including open road touring, club runs and non-competitive rallies. This club provides a different form of relaxation; street parades, displays, fund-raising for local charities plus community support activities.
Driving a piece of motoring history is a unique experience. Choices range from veteran, vintage, classic and historic vehicles dating from 1900 to within thirty years from the present date.
Visitors and new members are welcome.
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Check out this Youtube video by clicking on the link: The Chrysler 70 hasn’t been started for 2 to 3 years. We’re getting it going and cleaned up to be part of a special memorial event for the late Bill Crowther.  Thanks to Geoff Dunstan for the video.

Old Blokes mucking about with even older cars !! The 1930 Chrysler 70



Four years ago the Model T arrived on a trailer as a dismantled rusty wreck. It is the Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club’s latest project in it’s highly regarded Mentoring Program. Boys from the Eden Marine High School, often from one parent families are trained in basic Mechanics and Paint/Panel work while receiving important life skills and lessons from their male mentors.


SCHVC members driving a historic vehicle with HVS or CVS registration must comply with the following;

  • Be an active member of the Club.
  • Be a current financial member of the Club. Note: Membership lapses on December 31st each year.
  • Carry your current membership card, or membership payment receipt when driving your historic vehicle.
  • If issued with a Log Book (optional for HVS and mandatory for CVS), fill in the log book details before departing on your journey.
  • For Club promulgated events, it is not mandatory to fill in the log book, but you must carry proof of participating in a Club event. Proof may be The Spoke or email newsletter (hard copy or iPhone).
  • Your vehicle must be insured with current comprehensive insurance.
  • Carry the Certificate of Approved Operations for the vehicle issued by SNSW.

If you participate in a Club event in violation of any of the above requirements, you are deemed to be driving an unregistered vehicle and may be fined according to the applicable law. Further, if you drive to the SCHVC clubrooms for any purpose, you must comply with the above.


Applying for Club Membership

  1. Go to the following URL and click on the link to access the relevant form:

SCHVC Membership Application eForm 2021

  1. The eForm should open in your internet browser (Chrome, Edge or Safari) or in a program called Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Once the form is open, simply click in each of the fields and type in the relevant information.
  3. Print the form out:
    1. If the form opened using your internet browner, click the printer icon in the top area just above your form.
    2. If the form opened using Adobe Acrobat, go to the file menu and select print.
  4. Bring the signed form with you to a club meeting along with your membership fee and seek the assistance of a club member to propose and second your membership. Club Meetings are held in the evening on the first Thursday of every month (except January).

Or obtain an Application form in person at a General Meeting.

CLUB ACTIVITY – covid restrictions

The SCHVC Committee is pleased to advise that after the easing of Covid restrictions, some club facilities are now available for members again.

You will see some changes and we ask that you look for signage to help guide and inform you and those around you to stay safe and physically distanced.

Members are welcome to attend Tuesdays and Saturday mornings again but with the above restrictions due to COVID 19.

Workshop facilities are available to include new vehicle registrations for current financial members.

You will need to contact John Turbet on 0431 431 141 to make your booking.

  • Do not enter the Club premises if you are unwell.
  • Please wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and frequently.
  • Hand Sanitiser is provided for you to use.

Record keeping at the Club: It is an NSW Government requirement that every person entering the premises will need to record the date, print their name and contact phone number or email address, each and every day they enter the Club, into the record book provided. This will be stored at the club for 28 days and used for the purpose of tracing COVID 19 infections on request from the Chief Health Officer if that is required.

Please maintain the cleanliness of any area that you access as this is essential to the clubs’ ability to remain open. We are all responsible for caring for the club facilities that we use, for all members during the Covid 19 restrictions.

The availability of the Club Facility is dependent on the Covid 19 Restrictions and may be changed and updated at any time following Government advice. We will advise as soon as practical if there are any further changes that impact the Club via this newsletter and The Spoke.

Stay informed for further information:;;

For longer term information on club events and runs, click on the “Upcoming Events” tab at the top of the page.